AÉROÉTS : L'aérospatiale à l'École de technologie supérieure de Montréal

After two years of analysis and discussion with the industry, AÉROÉTS launched in May 2016 a new integrated research and education program: Aerospace 4.0. The objective of this program is to mobilize ÉTS experts, who have been working since 2008 on various technologies related to Industry 4.0, in order to address the needs of the aerospace industry in terms of research, development, education and training.

Research and Development

This focus area aims to leverage the strengths of ÉTS, in partnership with other academic and research institutions, to carry out R&D projects on Industry 4.0 technologies for the aerospace sector.

Examples of majors research themes identified:

  • Robotics and additive manufacturing
  • Intelligent Manufacturing Systems (IMS) and Multidisciplinary Factory Optimization (MFO)
  • Multidisciplinary Design Optimization (MDO) and product development simulation
  • Smart supply chain and logistics – Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)
  • Advanced predictive maintenance systems
  • Etc.

A digital-virtual enterprise laboratory will be created, including all the simulation tools required to support our industrial partners.

Industry 4.0 is characterized by automation and digitization, knowledge, optimization and management of assets, reliability, accuracy, variability, sharing and security of data, tracking parts from cradle to grave (the “Digital Thread”), data analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Big data is the “raw material” of Industry 4.0. It is the transformation from: the physical to the digital (the “Digital Twin”), carbon to silicon, clusters to cloud computing, deterministic to probabilistic design and experimental to analytical certification.

It is the “Democratization of Technology” where “humans, computers, machines and products collaborate digitally and communicate seamlessly through integrated and optimized processes across the total product value stream both within an enterprise, and upstream (suppliers) and downstream (customers) of an enterprise”.

(Ref.: Aerospace 4.0, H. Moustapha, June 2018, aeroets.etsmtl.ca)

Courses, workshops and seminars on Industry 4.0

In collaboration with our academic and industrial partners, AÉROÉTS will offer new training courses to address the challenges of Industry 4.0 for the aerospace sector. Short courses of one to three days are planned on the theme of the “Smart and Digital Enterprise”. These courses will include the following topics:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Big data: reliability, variability, sharing and security
  • Collaborative robotics
  • Additive manufacturing
  • Modeling and simulation of machining processes
  • Multidisciplinary design and optimization
  • Virtual development testing
  • Etc.

E-mail: hany.moustapha@etsmtl.ca

Telephone:514 396-8436

For more information, please contact:

Hany Moustapha, Ph.D., C.Q.
Professor and Director, AÉROÉTS
École de technologie supérieure
Pratt & Whitney Canada Senior
Research Fellow